Kitchen Appliances

Ovens & Microwaves

Every kitchen needs an oven – nowadays

It is common in the modern kitchen to have your oven up high in a tall unit, at a comfortable working height, to minimise bending down when cooking. 

If you don’t think one single oven will provide enough capacity for your cooking, why not consider a double oven or having a single oven next  to a compact microwave oven & warming drawer?

Depending on what you want your oven to do, we can advise and supply the best solution for you.

Whether you want your oven to have a steam function, pyrolytic cleaning or a hide & slide door, just ask and we can supply it!

Single Ovens
Double Ovens
Compact Ovens
Steam Ovens

Hobs & cooking

There are a wide variety of hobs to suit your cooking style. Efficient, rapid heating induction hobs are becoming the centre piece of modern kitchen appliances, however some people feel more comfortable cooking with the old trusted gas hob.

There are other options you may not have considered however, such as ceramic hobs, or domino hobs – which you can create your own cooking platform with!

More recently, extraction has been developed and integrated into some hobs models – these combi-hobs have many benefits, combining the functions of two appliances into one!

Come down to our showroom to see some of the different hobs for yourself.

Induction Hobs
Ceramic Hobs
Gas Hobs
Domino hobs

Fridges & Cooling

Every kitchen needs a place to store and cool/freeze fresh food and veg. In the modern day kitchen, it is common to integrate appliances behind door fronts however there are very innovative freestanding solutions that can add style and flair to a kitchen.

You might want to consider how much fridge storage you need. For someone who cooks for themselves and one other, it might be sensible to have one 60/40 split fridge freezer. However for the larger family, you may consider purchasing a USA style large capacity fridge freezer.

Fridges aren’t limited to tall units either. Brands we supply such as Leibherr have integrated under counter fridges in the form of cupboards or even drawers!


Integrated fridges
Freestanding fridges
USA Style fridges
Wine Coolers


There are many different extraction solutions available in the kitchen depending on your design. Some customers prefer to keeping the ventilation as hidden as possible, whereas others may prefer to have their extractor as a centre piece to their kitchen.

Brands we sell such as Elica actually design their extractors to look more like lighting elements and in some cases ornaments that can really make a statement in your kitchen.

Newer technologies such as downdraft extractors which pop up from your island worktop or even combi-hobs which have an extractor integrated into the hob are replacing the ever popular wall mounted hoods as the modern day kitchen extraction solution.

Wall Extraction
Integrated Extraction
Ceiling Extraction
worktop extraction

Cleaning & drying

We supply dishwashers and washing machines/tumble dryers from many leading appliance manufacturers. Fall in love with the practicality of having a full size dishwasher in your kitchen, a sure way to make your life easier. 

 Whether you prefer fully integrated dishwashers behind our door fronts, or perhaps a retro style Smeg freestanding dishwasher – we can supply it.

Some people like to incorporate their washing machine & tumble dryer into their kitchen, if not their utility space. View our utility range here to view some of our clever storage solutions

integrated dishwashers
freestanding dishwashers
washing machines
tumble dryers


Apart from the obvious appliances you would expect to appear in the modern day kitchen, there are useful alternatives that you may not have considered.

For example, a fully built in coffee machine, housed in a tall unit next to your oven and microwave. Create a stunning row of appliances which can become a design feature in itself.

Warming and vacuum drawers are also useful to own, and are used to level up a row of appliances in tall units. It is common to have a single oven next to a compact microwave oven with a warming drawer below. This way, the height of the appliances lines up perfectly!

Visit our Watford showroom to find out more and explore the many different options.

warming drawers
vacuum drawers
Coffee machines