Easy & Clean - Utility Room By Schuller

Innovative solutions by Schuller than will transform your utility room into an organised hub

Schuller have re-invented the way we perceive utility rooms and their function. The vision of a perfectly planned work area for washing, keeping provisions, recycling and preparation areas is achieved through the use of innovative cupboard solutions and unique storage methods.

You may not have considered the possibility of stacking your washing machine on top of your tumble dryer – both at a comfortable raised height whilst saving crucial space. Or the clever tall units which organise your ironing board & hoover completely hidden from view.

Have a look below at the many utility room solutions Schuller have to offer.

Utility Door Front Colours

Crystal White
Sand Grey
Crystal grey
Stone Grey
Agate Grey
Lava Black

Be Inspired - Check Out These Utility Solutions By Schuller

Compact solution
Utility integrated into living space
Opening shelving wall
Tall shoe cupboard
Raised washing machine/tumble dryer
Tall bottle crate cupboard
U-shaped solution
Transition from kitchen to utility
Drawer pull outs
Open shelving
Neat and hidden - everything in its place
Integrated drawers
Organised utilities cupboard
Integrated bins
Tall broom/ironing cupboard
Narrow drawer pull out
Integrated bin sink under sink
Clothes hanging rail & pull out
Laundry sorting solution
Tall sorting cupboard