Home Office Furniture

Home working solutions for busy households - Create a comfortable work station anywhere in your home with these simple ideas

Upgrade your office furniture – Height adjustable Teko sit/stand desk from £360 for a desk that is 80cm long x 60cm deep, other size options available. If you have a home office that needs updating, it’s worth considering one of our osteopath-approved range of sit/stand desks to improve posture.
Temporary living room desk solutions – Podio model desk from £270, Podio shelving from £170 each. For a low-cost temporary workstation solution we can install shelving in your living room that is just the right height and depth to transform into a desk when needed.
Spare bedroom office conversion – pull down guest bed from £1880 (exc mattress/bedding). Podio desk from £283, suspended wall unit from £160, Podio shelving from £170. Replacing the existing bed in your spare room with a comfortable pull down bed to make space for your new office.
Kids bedroom workstation – Fly model desk from £320, Podio model shelving from £170 each. Creating a workstation in your child's bedroom can be both a quiet space for homework after school and a parent’s work station while they are at school.

Different options in finish and size may vary the cost, supply only and delivery within 5 miles of Watford is free but the cost of installation and delivery further afield may incur an additional fee and can be arranged on request. Prices advertised are subject to final confirmation from the Alba Interiors team.