Smart Kitchens Tailor-Designed For You

A range of working heights available

Throughout all of our German and Italian kitchen ranges, we are able to customise each unit to your requirements. However you will find customisations unneccessary due to the range of working height options available! In our Schuller range alone, there are not only 4 carcass size systems, allowing you to choose the best size for you.

With tall units ranging from 149cm to a massive 235cm (including single door fronts, even in glass!) there is not a size we cannot achieve. Ergonomics are everything in a kitchen, which is why we have such flexible options available.

Custom Solutions Tailored To You

Electronic Assistance Opening on kitchen doors

A design trend catching on in 2019, as shown by our new showroom display, is completely handle-less kitchens. That’s right, even without grip rails! By using TIP-ON touch to open mechanisms, you can achieve a completely flat door look! 

For people who struggle with using handles or grip-rails, we recommend this system as you can use your knees or elbows for example to open the doors. In addition to this, we also have electronic assistance opening doors, which open at a slight touch and close automatically!

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Electronic Assistance Opening

Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

Our German and Italian suppliers are constantly updating with innovative new storage solutions in our kitchen ranges, to stay ahead of the competition. 

From pull down internals in our wall units, to pull our Le-man corner base units, here are 5 smart solutions you can be sure will make every inch of your kitchen easily accessible:
1. Pull down wall unit internals
2. Le-man pull out corner and tall units
3. Adjustable worktops
4. Raised dishwasher
5. Wall hung base units – allowing wheelchair access