Kitchen Island Design Ideas

what style do you like?

Not every kitchen needs an island, however it is becoming popular to feature one in an open plan design. 

There is such a magnitude of options and styles to choose from, depending on your budget and personal preferences. Islands are not just used for extra cabinet space – they can be used to seat guests, as workstations or as a design feature to show off to your friends!

Come down to our Watford showroom to discuss with one of our designers the different options available to you – our first design and quote is free!

Have you considered seating?

Islands present a great opportunity to integrate seating for family and guests in your kitchen. 

Depending on how many people you require to seat, we can advise on several solutions for you. Perhaps a simple solid wood overhang for 2 people is what you are looking for, or a tidy peninsular area to tuck your bar stool away out of sight.

The options are endless – come down to our showroom to discuss with one of our designers the best way for you to provide seating in your island!

be a show off!

Don’t be afraid to introduce a new colour or finish to your kitchen through your island. It can be a great way to make your island a statement by mixing darker or lighter colours to your kitchen run and adds character!

Or perhaps consider adding illumination to your island units to wow your guests – grip ledge and plinth lighting are both possible! We supply integrated lighting in our Schuller open shelf units which are available in 26 different lacquered colours.

Using your island as a workstation

Whilst some people prefer to keep their islands clear, it is common to have your sink and/or hob on the island. The benefit of this is that it positions you to work out into the room instead of having your back to guests/family. This is a great social advantage and means you can easily interact with those around you while cooking.

Check out our Next 125 cooking table – this designer item incorporates a flush mounted induction hob and is available in a wide range of materials and colours!