Black Is Back!

The 70s saw a lot of black ash furniture, while 15 years ago we had black gloss at the peak of its popularity Kitchen Trends. Since then toned greys have dominated the kitchen scene, offering an elegant alternative to the ever in-demand white kitchen. Our Kitchens 2019 Trends article reviews why we are seeing the return of a particular style, looking at Next 125 and Schuller Trends and styles.

In recent years, black has crept back into fashion in a subtle comeback, highlighted by our introduction of the Onyx Black colour shown below in our German Next 125 range. While a dark kitchen may not be for everyone, there is a growing demand for it, especially in open plan environments.

This year we have new real wood doors – Black fir & Textured Spruce Effect, both introducing a black theme. Schuller Trends are constantly changing, however our suppliers Next 125, Schuller and Arrital all stay ahead of the game to deliver styles and finishes which will guarantee to hold up in 20 years time. Our Italian supplier Dall’Agnese also keep up to date with Furniture Trends too.

One to watch – Fenix Anti-Fingerprint Onyx Black door fronts mixed with Smoked Larch from our Next 125 range.

Be Bold

Bold colours including Indigo Blue, Ruby Red and Jaguar Green have become increasingly popular as 2018 has progressed. Customers are moving away from having the typically modern colours of white and greys in favour of statement primary colours.

These vibrant colours offer a neutral yet sophisticated theme for your kitchen on which different materials and accents can be added.

Ruby Red satin lacquer with black fir from our Next 125 range

The Next Industrial Revolution?

New additions to our ceramic, glass and steel door fronts have added a stunning depth to our Next 125 range. Sleek, ceramic handle-less door fronts combine elegance with simplicity – while creating that wow factor.

In recent years, we have seen the increase in interest for rustic themes, incorporating famously industrial materials in open plan rooms. Having a statement island in a ceramic or glass finish, combined with a dramatic contrasting worktop can really make a statement in your kitchen.

Ruby Red satin lacquer with black fir from our Next 125 range