Smart Appliances - The Future Of Cooking Is Here

We are seeing the rise of smart connected appliances and technology in the modern-day kitchen that will revolutionise the way you cook. Features such as voice recognition commands that we are familiar with from our smart phones are now being integrated into the kitchen, while appliances are now even able to communicate between each other!

The demand for these smarter technologies is increasing and it’s easy to see why. Here are our top 3 exciting kitchen technologies that we think will transform your kitchen experience and allow you to stay in control while increasing efficiency:

Amazon assistant – Alexa

Alexa is now compatible with many kitchen appliances including cookers and fridges, allowing you to control your appliances with simple voice commands.

You may ask Alexa to pre-heat your oven, or to start brewing coffee from a ridge with a built in Keurig. 

Dishwashers and slow cookers can also be controlled via voice commands, turning your kitchen into an efficient voice activated environment.   


Connect your home for an easier life

Appliances are now being developed to incorporate smart artificial intelligence communication. The future of smart technology is here, allowing you to control your home appliances from the convenience of your phone.

Many fridges now have internal cameras integrated, so you can check the food in your fridge while out food shopping.

Meanwhile, appliances are now able to communicate between each other without you having to instruct them to. For example, turning your Miele smart-line Hob on automatically switches your Miele ceiling extractor on without you having to operate it. Simple, yet effective!

Smart garden

An elegant innovation, unique to our Next 125 range. Nothing quite beats using fresh herbs and those who have a particular interest in clean-cooking might find this an irresistible addition to their kitchen.

The Next 125 herb garden hangs on the splashback panel system, available in a variety of colours and finishes. It is illuminated by a daylight fluorescent tube so that everything grows naturally, allowing you to have consistently fresh herbs.

It’s also perfect for darker spaces, with its integrated time operated lighting, making it a fantastic talking point of your kitchen.