Symmetry In Kitchen Design

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Symmetrical Design - Easy on the eye

Where possible in kitchen design, we try and create a balanced look so that as you walk into your kitchen, everything looks neat, ordered and overall aesthetically pleasing.

A balanced design is a calm and harmonious kitchen, which has a positive effect on your mood –  which is important if you are spending the majority of your time in the kitchen!

There are several ways and opportunities to introduce kitchen symmetry in design. For example, having a run of tall units on the back wall with an island centralised is a popular choice. Why not incorporate a working area on this back run as shown to the left!

Take a look at some recent installations which all show off stunning symmetry.

Asymmetrical Options:

To achieve a symmetrical kitchen, you need to have the correct space. Typically, large open plan spaces provide the perfect room for a symmetrical kitchen.

However, in kitchen areas with an L shape, or with not enough room for an island, you may have to think about having a kitchen which is asymmetrical, but still aesthetically pleasing.

At Alba Interiors, our designers will help you visualise the best layout for you based on the space available, so even if it is not symmetrical, it can still look stunning!

Some of our recent installations, shown to the left and below are examples of using a return to create an asymmetrical look!

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