Our Top 5 Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions

1. Flex Box System

Our premium German Next 125 kitchen range come fully built with slow closing doors/drawers, anti-slip mats, 1.3cm steel sides. If you want to go the extra mile, we supply these stunning oak inserts known as flex boxes, in which you can create your own unique storage solution.

Available in this real oak veneer finish, it is sure to match with any front finish you choose.

Personalise the flex box system to create organizers for cutlery, larger utensils, chopping boards, scales. The options are endless!

Watch the video on the left to see it for yourself.

2. Le-Man Pull Out Mechanism​

One of the most popular upgrades we are asked to include in designs is the Le-Man corner swivel solution. 

Its benefits are clear to see – it prevents the problem of having to reach round to the back of the unit, as you are able to have the option of the mechanism coming out with the door as you pull it!

No longer will your cans or pots be pushed and lost forever at the back of the cupboard!

Visit our showroom to see this genius solution in action.

3. Retractable Door Pantry Units

A solution unique to Next 125 – the retractable pantry unit doors is an incredible solution allowing you to hide away ovens, sinks and preparation areas when not in use.

Simply pull open the doors and slot them back into the carcass to reveal your workstation.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, you can even add integrated lighting to really finish it off.

This innovative solution is something only Next 125 supply, which we show in our Watford showroom – come down to see it yourself!

4. Cube Rail System

The cube rail system is a German innovation which we have available in our Schuller C Collection and premium Next 125 collection too.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, ranging from laminate to glass, any length of wall can be covered with the cube panels which have a useful rail running through.

Accessories such as knife holders, UV light herb garden, iPad board and much more can be suspended off the worktop on this rail. everything is then easily accessible, keeping your worktop clear! 

5. Drawer Inserts & Accessories

When you recieve the kitchen of your dreams, you want it to be as complete as possivle, tailored to your specific roles.

We always reccomend kitting out your drawers and cupboards with some of the many inserts we supply from our German and Italian kitchen ranges.

It may seem small, but having a cutlery insert installed into your hob drawer will help organise your utensils, while pots/pans drawer holders will keep your drawer nice and tidy.

Take a look at the complete range of inserts we supply here: