Kitchen Design Planner

Our designers can create your design for you – all we need is a rough plan of your kitchen.

Send Us Your Measurements

If you do not have any architectural plans of your home, you can create a rough plan of your room – this can be done on paper, or even in a paint software as shown above! Be sure to mark any objects including doors, windows, beams etc. The more detailed the plan is, the more accurate we can be with our design!

We Design

If you already have a design in mind, mark it on the plan you send us for us to match. Or you may prefer for our designers to design a layout from scratch.

Receive Your Free Design & Quote!

Our expert designers will produce photo-realistic images of your kitchen along with a detailed quotation. We offer one free set of changes to the design if you wish to make any. 

We always conduct a site survey to confirm all measurements before you are ready to order!

Book Your Virtual Design Appointment

Our designers are available for video consultations via the RingCentral Meetings app, which is free for customers to download. Virtual design appointments can be booked below, during our usual working hours, on a one to one basis. Our designer can then give all of their expertise and attention to helping each customer.

We are able to take you on a tour of our showroom, showing you examples of door fronts, finishes, layouts or internals as well as screen sharing content to help illustrate other ideas from catalogues or previous customer work we have done.

If you would like to see a few door samples but would prefer not to come into the showroom we can arrange a safe, non-contact way for you to borrow the samples for a day so that you can make choices without having to set foot in the showroom.